10 Top Benefits Of Salesforce CRM [2023]


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No matter your industry, what type of business you have, and what product you sell, the customers are the most precious asset of your company. They give businesses a sense of purpose, driving new ideas and concepts. Besides, it is the customers that bring in revenue. Therefore, customer satisfaction should be the primary focus of any organization. 

Salesforce CRM is a perfect way to take customer satisfaction to a new level and build long-term relationships. This post will discuss the top benefits of Salesforce and how it can help your business. You can use Salesforce to collect and organize actionable customer data and reduce manual work. It saves time and boosts sales. Moreover, Salesforce is not just another CRM system. The latest Gartner report was ranked as the leader in sales automation and customer service.

Moreover, in 2017, the company regained the top spot as the World’s Most Innovative Company, ahead of tech giants like Tesla and Amazon. There are reasons for that. Salesforce is a robust tool to address customer service, sales, and marketing challenges. This article will tell you abouten10 the benefits of using Salesforce CRM for business.

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Now, let’s see some of the best benefits of Salesforce CRM.

10 Top Benefits of Salesforce

1. Advanced data organization

Knowing your customers is essential for providing a positive experience that pays off. The personal data you collect, such as name, designation, email, etc., must be appropriately organized. To achieve this goal, you need to move beyond sticky notes and writing pads and enjoy the latest platforms, such as Salesforce. 

With its vast array of features, Salesforce can make data accessible across all departments within a company.

2. Improved customer visibility

Perhaps, the most significant Salesforce benefit is the data it retrieves – both at quantity and quality levels. With the platform, you can look at every contact, account, task, event, and personal data related to a lead to get a broad picture of a potential customer before approaching them. Moreover, you can easily collect this information using various integrations.

For instance, Salesforce + LinkedIn integration allows your sales reps. To build the definitive list of leads and quickly find out persons’ job titles, interests, connections, and much more, knowing only their emails. The more you know about your prospects, the more you understand them, and the more personalized approach you can provide to increase the chances of conversion.    

salesforce and linkedin integration

3. Efficient Pipeline Management

The third best benefit of Salesforce is its efficient pipeline management. Finding a lead is half the battle. Guiding them through the sales pipeline toward full engagement is the second half. With Salesforce, your team can know the exact stage of a lead in the channel. An overview of a lead pipeline helps them decide the following steps to nurture that prospect. As a result, sales representatives can close leads faster while prioritizing ongoing lead engagements. 

Salesforce offers a wide range of tools for tracking the lifecycle of potential customers.

  • Sales Cloud to channel sales activities,
  • Desk.com and Service Cloud to identify and carter clients’ needs,
  • Pardot and Marketing Cloud for building one on one customer journeys,
  • Einstein Analytics to gain in-depth insights and a deep understanding of your sales performance. 

Along with that, Salesforce also helps you with engaging and re-engage customers. With its Workflow email alerts, it is possible to create reminders on calendars, never to miss important events. For instance, you can send birthday greeting cards with discounts to your existing customers. Hence, it allows you to re-engage with existing customers and make more product sales as they are more likely to buy at that time. 

4. Time Management

Time is the most valuable resource, and anything that can help save time is gold dust. The robust automation features of Salesforce make it a powerful time saver. With its Workflow, you can create automated flows to improve the productivity of your sales team. Hence, allowing your agents can focus more on offering delightful customer service. 

Suppose you want to automatically notify your senior manager whenever a sales representative has qualified a good lead. Now, your sales representative must fill in the lead details with Salesforce and mark it as accepted. After that, Salesforce CRM automatically sends an email containing the leads’ points to your senior manager. In this manner, Salesforce CRM streamlines the communication between your employees and internal departments. 

5. Advanced Analytics Tools

With an enormous amount of data growing exponentially, it can be challenging for businesses to explore it manually, so it is crucial to building analytics that can handle your numbers. Salesforce Einstein Analytics was designed to empower marketers, sales, and data analysts to establish intelligent customer interaction.

This tool can do many things: collect data from external and internal sources, quickly process it, analyze all possible combinations, and make very accurate forecasts based on the data processed.

You can also set up reports to show you any metric you need and share these reports with the employees. Salesforce’s advanced analytics will allow companies to make more thought-out decisions getting along with a third-party consultant. 

einstein analytics for smarter decisions

6. Reduce Conflicts Between Sales Channels

Without a well-organized PRM process, friction can occur between sales channels caused by their focus on the same territory. Has it ever happened in your company when your direct and indirect sales butt-headed over who found a lead first? Because of this, Managers have to waste their time solving such petty issues. On the other hand, customers drift away from your business. 

With its lead registration capabilities and robust management tools, salesforce CRM clarifies a deal registration process from start to completion. This will increase partner sales and set boundaries per employee assignments and customer volume to make the conflict disappear and achieve a balanced workload among your sales reps. 

7. AppExchange Ecosystem

Salesforce is a highly-customizable platform that opens new horizons for enhancing customer engagement. Salesforce can easily integrate with third-party applications, extensions, and services. As a result, your business gets a unified information space. Furthermore, this feature of Salesforce CRM combines several platforms’ capabilities to enhance your sales team’s performance.  

AppExchange in Salesforce allows you to access thousands of verified applications to expand the platform’s functionality. However, the process of building Salesforce apps requires excellent coding skills. Therefore, it is better to hire Salesforce developers to make that an easy task for your business. 

Among the 3,400 apps available on AppExchange, one can find integrations with LinkedIn, G-Suit, DocuSign, FormAssembly, Xero, AdobeSign, and others. 

8. Advanced Customer Service

One of the best benefits of Salesforce is that it provides superior customer service features that allow you to be responsive to customers’ concerns. Not to mention, Salesforce Service Cloud is designed to empower businesses and service agents to deliver world-class customer assistance. You can provide a personalized experience with Salesforce Service Cloud with artificial intelligence.

Besides, it supports significant contact channels such as email, chatbots, social media, etc. The agents, equipped with a service solution that offers a holistic view of every interaction, will close leads faster. 

9. Marketing Automation

Salesforce makes life easy for the sales and marketing departments. Marketing Cloud is a tool dedicated to improving and automating marketing processes within a company. Most importantly, this tool includes various features for social media, lead nurturing via email, and marketing campaigns.

Thus, use Advertising Studio to create customized digital marketing campaigns—Pardot for lead generation and Social Studio for engaging customers. And send emails to your leads automatically with Email Studio.

10. Incredible Accessibility

Salesforce is an entirely cloud-based product, making it an ideal solution for the marketing and sales teams. It is also popular among owners who are always on the go and want to stay connected with their employees. You only need an internet connection to access your Salesforce account from anywhere. As it is the age of mobile apps, you can download the Salesforce app from Google and Apple app stores. 

You don’t need a centralized location to store and manage your data. No more local servers, packed offices, or something else! Data will be kept safe and sound in the virtual cloud, where any designated person can access any device. Thus, this Salesforce benefit allows your team to stay tuned for accounts and clients they are responsible for, regardless of where they are. 

The Bottomline

Salesforce is a great platform providing incredible opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes. CRM has become an indisputable leader in the SaaS market thanks to its features and helpful tools tailored to every business aspect. 

Over 50,000+ small and large organizations have used Salesforce to improve their performance and boost sales. With this, we summarize our list of some of the top advantages and benefits of Salesforce CRM. Please feel free to share your feedback in the comments section.