Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for Small Businesses

Big and small businesses increasingly favor cloud computing for its great benefits. Indeed, cloud storage increased exponentially in recent years, particularly when businesses were forced to work remotely in 2020.

It is projected that by 2025, 200 zettabytes of data will be stored in the cloud.

This increased demand for cloud storage and cloud-based services also necessitates security for the vast amounts of data in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 is believed to bridge that gap between a business’s needs and what it can offer with its cloud-based services. With frequent updates since the platform was launched in 2011, it is believed to cater to all types of businesses and budgets.

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What Does Microsoft 365 Offer Small Businesses?

benefits of microsoft office 365

The Microsoft 365 platform offers much for business management, storage, and day-to-day operations. Some of its key features that help small businesses include:

1. Simple Licensing Plans

Licensing expenses can often be hard to justify for small businesses, especially where you require multiple licenses to use the software entirely.

It can also be hard to justify expenses when only a few need particular licenses and software. Microsoft 365 is a much simpler solution to managing your company’s software requirements within your budget.

As a single-license platform, all services are covered under one fee. There is no need for multiple licenses or unpredictable expenses. As all products are included in your standard package, you can budget with a single fee and fully use that expense.

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2. Data Storage

A fundamental business need is always data storage, and small businesses struggle to find secure options. Microsoft’s OneDrive platform offers up to 1TB of cloud storage, with zero-trust security features that ensure your data remains safe and secure.

Unauthorized personnel cannot access data over OneDrive, and it offers a simple solution for small businesses that cannot afford sophisticated storage security.

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3. Data Security

Data security across Microsoft 365 products is a guarantee. It involves features like two-factor authentication and advanced malware defenses that come built-in with the platform.

Small businesses often hard-put to implement security practices, as these can stretch the company budget. Microsoft 365 removes the worry of cyber threats, keeping all data secure.

Some of the other security features in the package include threat analytics, which runs behind the scenes and scans each piece of data for malicious content.

To ensure your communication is safe, it also offers advanced message encryption and account restrictions to limit who has access to sensitive information.

While it is a great, secure platform, implementing Microsoft 365 security best practices can help you achieve excellent cloud security that keeps your business and data safe.

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How Do Small Businesses Benefit From Microsoft 365?

Small businesses have much to look forward to with Microsoft 365. This includes:

Easier Team Collaborations

Working in real-time, Microsoft 365 allows teams to collaborate from anywhere in the world. Office Online, for example, allows members to create and edit documents in real-time, allowing work to proceed unhindered.

SharePoint and OneDrive alamo allow files to be shared quickly and in real-time across teams, with clients and partners through a simple, secure platform.

The platform offers greater flexibility, allowing you to create your office suite according to your business needs. Small businesses may find this particularly useful, as you can build your suite based on a smaller scale.

Microsoft 365 makes remote work extremely easy, which means businesses can cut costs by moving to a hybrid or remote work model and save on purchasing various software to support online work.

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Simple Time Budgeting

Time budgeting and allocation can be difficult with the many distractions around the office or even remotely working. Microsoft 365 addresses that work challenge by allowing managers to review and aid workers in real-time.

You can see employee activity, their tasks, and what work they are currently engaged in at any given point. It also makes scheduling tasks, meetings, and other work easier, ensuring the whole team is on track.

You can manage workflows and tools through a single dashboard to manage various tasks simultaneously.

It makes collaboration more accessible in another way by updating the work status of team members, so you know when they might be in a meeting or away from their desks.

The Do Not Disturb feature allows you to mute notifications so you can better allocate your time to your work rather than be interrupted by colleagues.

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Mobile and Web-accessible

Microsoft 365 offers both a mobile app and a web version. Each app on the platform is available in both versions, making working on the go much more straightforward.

Employees can tend to work, look up project updates, or communicate with team members quickly and efficiently without needing to be in the office or at their workstations.

This can help teams work more effectively, as they do not need to rely on a complete office setup to get work done. Where something needs to be addressed urgently, teams can do so on the go.

The platform allows up to five devices to be connected to the same account, meaning you can hook up your office station, at-home setup, and mobile devices. Small businesses can save on establishing primary setups, as work can be done with smaller devices like tablets.

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Gain Better Insights

It can be hard to collect and analyze data with diversified workflows where you’re managing different platforms simultaneously.

There is too much information, all spread out, which makes it challenging to make sense of and make decisions based on. You get access to better insights as Microsoft 365 gathers all business data under a single platform.

All workflows can be viewed and managed in one place, allowing managers to access all relevant data in one go and make critical business decisions efficiently.

For a small business, data spread over multiple platforms only slows things down. They often cannot afford to spend significant amounts of time and energy collating all that data.

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Final Thoughts

Microsoft 365 is the cloud-based solution small businesses are looking for. In addition to providing a reliable platform that supports team collaborations, remote working, and easier budgeting, it offers excellent security and storage.

Cloud computing requires securing remote access and sophisticated security protocols that come built-in with Microsoft 365.

As an effective and reliable business management tool, small businesses are particularly likely to benefit from this platform. While suitable for all kinds of businesses, it can be adapted to the particular budget restrictions and small-scale needs of smaller businesses.

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