3 Best AI Avatar Generator Websites


Here we have compiled a list of the 3 best AI avatar generator websites. Using these websites, you can automatically generate avatars for your social media profiles or just for fun. The best part is that you have to write the description in one of these AI-based avatar generators, and the tool will create an avatar based on that information.

Apart from that, you can generate realistic human avatars and edit facial properties such as emotion, skin tone, gender type, hair, and many other parameters. You can also generate HD model photos with just a few clicks.

So if you want to generate a comic avatar or profile pictures of any gender, these online tools will come in handy.

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3 Best AI Avatar Generator Websites

best ai avatar generator websites

Now, let’s explore these three best AI avatar generator tools.

1. Artflow

artflow - ai avatar generator

Artflow is a free AI avatar generator website. You can only use it to generate any cartoon-based avatar by writing a description. For example, if you want to create an AI avatar that looks like young Thor, then you have to describe your avatar as young Thor, and Artflow will generate it in a few seconds. So, to generate an avatar of your imagination, you need to describe it expertly.

Getting started with Artflow is pretty straightforward. Visit the link provided below and create an account. After that, you will access its main interface to see other AI-based avatars from other users and editors.

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Now, describe your avatar in the big text box below.

describe your avatar - artflow Once done, click the Generate button, and Artflow will put your request in queue for processing. It usually takes a few seconds to generate the AI avatar.

As I wanted to generate an AI avatar that looks like a black male widow, it produced the results below.

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ai based avatar generated by artflow

You will always find your latest creations on the top of its main interface. There is no limit on how many AI avatars you can create using Artflow. To save these AI avatars on your computer, right-click on any of these photos and select the “Save Image As…” option.

Now it’s your turn to generate funny avatars only by describing them.

Try this AI avatar generator here.

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2. Generated Photos

generated photos - ai avatar generator websites

Generated Photos is an excellent AI avatar generator that you can create unique faces in seconds. The best part is that it offers a full-fledged AI avatar editor that you can use to customize various parameters such as gender, age, and many other properties of the generated face.

The only downside is that it adds a watermark at the bottom-left of the generated photo in its free version. You would have to upgrade to one of its paid plans to remove it.

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Visit the link provided below and click on the “Generate a photo” button. You will then access its avatar editor with an AI-based generated photo, as shown in the screenshot above. There is a toolbar with editing options to customize face parameters on the left.

You can choose to change the gender of the generated photo. Click on the Male or Female option in the Sex section of the editing toolbar. You can also change the age, face, emotion, skin tone, hair color, hair loss glasses, and apply makeup to the eyes and lips. What I liked the most about its editing interface is that it reflects all the changes in real-time on the generated face.

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Using Generated Photos, you can change the face emotions too:

  • Neutral
  • Happy
  • Surprised
  • Angry
  • Contemptuous
  • Sad
  • Disgusted
  • Frightened

Once you are done with the editing part and happy with your generated AI-based avatar, click on the “Download” button to save it as a JPG file on your computer.

Try this AI avatar generator here.

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3. This Person Does Not Exist

this person does not exist - ai avatar creator websites

This Person Does Not Exist is a pretty straightforward AI avatar generator website. It dynamically creates model face photos based on its advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

Getting started with this online AI-based avatar creator tool is as easy as ABC. All you have to do is visit the website, and you will get a high-quality avatar, as shown in the screenshot above.

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If you don’t like the generated AI avatar, refresh the website, which will generate a new face in a few seconds. To save the generated AI avatar, you can right-click on the photo and select the “Save Image As…” option.

The only downside is that you have to continuously refresh the website to get an AI avatar that you want per your preferences. However, it is a good tool if you need a high-quality AI avatar.

Try this AI avatar generator here.

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Wrapping Up

In this blog, you explored the three best AI avatar generator websites. Using these easy-to-use AI generator tools, you can get high-quality display pictures of your choice in a rapid time. The best part is that you can customize various face parameters to create an AI avatar that you would love to use on your social media or online accounts.

These three online AI-based avatar creator tools are my favorite as they have their own unique USPs. You can use Artflow to create AI-based cartoon avatars just by describing them.

Generated Photos are helpful when you want more customization options for a generated AI face. This Person Does Not Exist is the best option if you want HD AI avatars. So, based on your requirements, you can choose any AI avatar generator from this list.

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